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The best filling and sealing lines that enable you to produce the most requested canned goods such as milk, yogurt, sauces and ketchup

The best filling and sealing lines that enable you to produce the most requested canned goods such as milk, yogurt, sauces and ketchup

Packaging is a part of the product in order to preserve its contents. It consists of the outer cover that serves as decoration, and the packaging is glass, plastic, cardboard, iron…etc. We generally distinguish three levels of packaging The first level: Direct packaging containing the product. The second level: combines several units of the product and makes them into one container, and the third level is shipping packaging.

How do you determine the exact and suitable machine for your product? 

Al Mudallal Company has effective and successful methods of packing fresh milk that must be prepared and packaged with special care, using the appropriate packing materials and doing the bottling process that complies with all hygiene standards, so we have provided all those standards in the materials used in the manufacture of our machines, they are easy Unwinding and cleaning, making it the ideal yoghurt filling machine.

Circular Filling Machine (Continuous Rotary Filling)

This machine is used for packing liquid materials. As the machine is made of stainless steel and all welds in the machine are polished and treated. The machine is equipped with a control panel for all machine parameters. The machine is mounted on adjustable legs.
The machine is designed to work in 5 stages (package unloading – product unloading – prefabricated foil dropping – foil welding and then packaging exit.)
This machine works in filling the following products (yogurt – water – sauce – chocolate – cream – jam – butter)

cup filling machine

It can fill liquid powder and viscosity products such as curd, water, fruit juice, yogurt, cream cheese and chocolate cream. Ayran Filling and Sealing Machines, in Al Mudallal Company where you can order your specification (fully automatic – fully manual), the containers are automatically dropped into the molds at the first station, then the filling is done by adjusting the specific weight, placing the tin on it automatically and welding Folio Tin We design our machine especially for you, this machine is suitable for packing liquid cheese. Packing is done in plastic containers with a capacity (from 100g to 1000g) with aluminum foil welding. Max production capacity: 1200 packs/hour

Cap filling, sealing, and labeling machines

It is a line that is selected according to the required packaging and product. In this line, products of different viscosities are available in systems consisting of different parts. Auto bottling system is used for liquid products, piston or motor filling systems. The packages can be filled with the required weight. The machine can be made of special materials for packing hot materials. You can pack a wide range of products like honey, jam, milk, ayran, various sauces, lemon juice, tomato paste, tahini, molasses, yogurt, cream products, powder products, etc. We start designing the machine from scratch according to the jar and bottle samples to be filled, capped and labeled. The production process begins once the design is approved by the customer. Bottle and jar filling and packaging machines are produced from high quality materials during production.

Advantages of Al Mudallal Food Machinery Manufacturing Company

Various adhesive systems can be added to the bottle filling and sealing machine. Fill and seal packages can be affixed to one or both sides as well as labels to the top of the package.