ALMDALAL Food Machinery

Who we are and what we do

We take good care of you. We have a team of engineers, designers and manufacturing professionals working to fulfill your order. We serve the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries of paints, solid fertilizers and liquid fertilizer production lines. We have implemented a liquid fertilizer production line in Syria at SAFCO Company. In addition, we at Al Mdalal Company operate according to international standards.

The team at ALMDALAL company 

Special thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of the company, including engineers, designers and technicians. Al Mdalal Company would not have succeeded and continued for twenty years without your efforts and the perfection of your continuous work.

how we work Company Advantages

About us

  • We have a long experience to offer you through our distinguished team in this field.
  • Customer satisfaction was and still is a priority for us, and we are keen to follow up with the customer during all stages, starting with the explanation and definition, through the sale and installation, to the after-sales service, and follow-up with the competent team to ensure the optimal success of your business.
our vision

To make the production process fully automated

Our goal

Providing innovative solutions to suit different needs

Our value

The trust of our customers, our credibility in work and the quality of our machines

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